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If you are looking for an easy way to buy Disney stock as a gift or to teach kids about the stock market, GiveAshare is by far the the best way. GiveAshare.com specializes in selling single shares of stock as a gift and is the only place to get a stock certificate. It takes a minute or two to place an order – no account needed. The recipient becomes a real shareholder . This physical keepsake is a critical part of the gift and grabs attention for effective teaching. Each mailing from their company (dividend checks, annual reports, invites to shareholder meetings) is a learning opportunity.

STEP 1 : Go to the Disney Stock page and enter shareholder information.
STEP 2 : Choose options (~ 1min).
STEP 3 : Provide billing & shipping information (~1min).



One of many stock brokers

Opening an account with a stock broker makes sense if you are buying solely as an investment and/or plan to trade Disney and possibly other stocks. Opening and funding an account requires some time and administrative effort but once it is set up, things are relatively easy. It helps that most brokers nowadays don’t charge a commission on orders placed on-line and in many cases, you can buy fractional shares. Some of the newer brokers like Robinhood are more user-friendly.

STEP 1: Go to app/website to fill out/submit the account application ( ~ 15mins)
STEP 2: Wait for account approval (~15mins – 2 days)
STEP 3: Fund account by setting up electronic transfer or sending a check (2-10 days)
STEP 4: Place a buy order.



Disney’s Transfer Agent

Some companies like Disney, let you buy stock directly from its transfer agent. The plan has some minimums and fees that are detailed in the Disney Plan Prospectus. For Disney, you must purchase a minimum of $200 or sign up for at least 3 recurring purchases of $50 each.STEP 1: Fill out the Plan enrollment form (15 min).

STEP 1: Fill out the Plan enrollment form (15 min)
STEP 2: Provide funding via electronic transfer or check (15min – 7 days)
STEP 3: Set up on-line access to your account (5 mins)

In many cases, people will use a combination of the above methods such as buying that first share from GiveAshare.com in order to get a stock certificate and to qualify for the Direct/Dividend Reinvestment Program and then buying additional shares over time.